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Index: Quick Order

  Simulation   Series     Price  
 Aberystwyth Heritage   £30.00      Buy Now 
 Accrington Nostalgia   £34.50   NEW!   Buy Now 
 Ashford (Kent)  Modern   £36.50   NEW!   Buy Now 
 Ayr Modern   £32.00   NEW!   Buy Now 
 Barnham (Sussex) Heritage   £22.50      Buy Now 
 Basingstoke Nostalgia   £32.00      Buy Now 
 Bath Green Park Heritage   £19.50      Buy Now 
 Beattock Heritage   £30.00   NEW!   Buy Now 
 Birmingham New Street Modern   £32.50      Buy Now 
 Blackpool Modern   £32.00   NEW!   Buy Now 
 Blisworth Heritage   £26.50      Buy Now 
 Bradford Exchange Nostalgia   £30.00      Buy Now 
 Bridgnorth Heritage   £21.50   NEW!   Buy Now 
 Bridlington Nostalgia   £32.50      Buy Now 
 Brighton Modern   £31.50      Buy Now 
 Bristol Temple Meads Modern   £32.75   NEW!   Buy Now 
 Cambridge Nostalgia   £32.50      Buy Now 
 Cardiff Modern   £30.00      Buy Now 
 Carlisle Modern   £29.00      Buy Now 
 Castle Cary Heritage   £26.50      Buy Now 
 Champaign, Illinois Special   £16.50      Buy Now 
 Cheltenham Nostalgia   £30.00      Buy Now 
 Chester Nostalgia   £34.00      Buy Now 
 Chichester Heritage   £30.00      Buy Now 
 Chippenham Heritage   £26.50      Buy Now 
 Crewe 1950's Layout Nostalgia   £32.50      Buy Now 
 Crewe Power Box Modern   £29.00      Buy Now 
 Darlington Modern   £19.50      Buy Now 
 Dearne Valley Modern   £30.00   NEW!   Buy Now 
 Derby Modern   £33.50      Buy Now 
 Didcot Modern   £31.50      Buy Now 
 Doncaster Nostalgia   £32.50      Buy Now 
 Earl's Court Special   £25.00      Buy Now 
 Edinburgh Princes Street Heritage   £26.50      Buy Now 
 Edinburgh Waverley Modern   £30.00      Buy Now 
 Egginton Junction Heritage   £27.50   NEW!   Buy Now 
 Ely North Junction Heritage   £19.50      Buy Now 
 Evercreech Junction Heritage   £22.50      Buy Now 
 Exeter Central Nostalgia   £32.00      Buy Now 
 Fareham Heritage   £28.50      Buy Now 
 Glasgow Central Nostalgia   £32.50      Buy Now 
 Glasgow Queen Street Modern   £31.50      Buy Now 
 Glebe Street Heritage   £32.50   NEW!   Buy Now 
 Gloucestershire Modern   £32.00   NEW!   Buy Now 
 Guildford Modern   £27.00      Buy Now 
 Halwill Heritage   £24.50      Buy Now 
 Hengelo (NL) Special   £22.50      Buy Now 
 Hooton Nostalgia   £32.00   NEW!   Buy Now 
 Ipswich Modern   £27.00      Buy Now 
 Kettering Junction Heritage   £19.50      Buy Now 
 Leeds City Nostalgia   £30.00      Buy Now 
 Leicester Modern   £26.00      Buy Now 
 Lewisham Modern   £27.50      Buy Now 
 Liverpool Lime St Modern   £27.00      Buy Now 
 Llandudno Junction Nostalgia   £30.00      Buy Now 
 Llanelly Heritage   £26.50   NEW!   Buy Now 
 London Euston Nostalgia   £32.50      Buy Now 
 London Kings Cross Modern   £30.00      Buy Now 
 London Marylebone Heritage   £28.50      Buy Now 
 London Paddington Modern   £32.50      Buy Now 
 London St Pancras Modern   £32.50      Buy Now 
 London Waterloo Modern   £30.00      Buy Now 
 Machynlleth Heritage   £26.50      Buy Now 
 Manchester Exchange & Victoria Nostalgia   £32.00      Buy Now 
 Manchester Piccadilly SCC Modern   £32.00      Buy Now 
 Manningtree Heritage   £30.00   NEW!   Buy Now 
 Newcastle Nostalgia   £32.00      Buy Now 
 Newport (Mon) Nostalgia   £32.00      Buy Now 
 Newton Abbot Nostalgia   £32.00      Buy Now 
 North Lancashire Modern   £32.00      Buy Now 
 Northallerton Nostalgia   £32.00      Buy Now 
 Norwich Modern   £27.50      Buy Now 
 Oxenholme Heritage   £28.50      Buy Now 
 Oxford Modern   £34.00   NEW!   Buy Now 
 Peterborough PSB Modern   £34.00   NEW!   Buy Now 
 Plymouth Nostalgia   £32.00      Buy Now 
 Portsmouth Modern   £30.00      Buy Now 
 Preston Modern   £30.00      Buy Now 
 Reading Modern   £31.50      Buy Now 
 Rugby Modern   £26.00      Buy Now 
 Salisbury Nostalgia   £30.00      Buy Now 
 Scarborough Nostalgia   £31.50      Buy Now 
 Seaton Junction Heritage   £27.50      Buy Now 
 Sheffield Modern   £28.50      Buy Now 
 Sheffield Victoria Nostalgia   £32.00      Buy Now 
 South Devon Modern   £32.50      Buy Now 
 Southampton Modern   £30.00      Buy Now 
 Stockport Modern   £32.00      Buy Now 
 Stoke Junction Heritage   £31.50   NEW!   Buy Now 
 Stoke-on-Trent PSB Nostalgia   £30.00      Buy Now 
 Sunderland Heritage   £27.50      Buy Now 
 Sussex Coast Modern   £30.00      Buy Now 
 Sydney (West) Special   £26.00      Buy Now 
 Taunton Nostalgia   £32.00      Buy Now 
 Tiverton Junction Heritage   £26.50      Buy Now 
 Torbay Line Nostalgia   £31.50      Buy Now 
 Trent Modern   £21.00      Buy Now 
 Warrington Bank Quay Modern   £30.00      Buy Now 
 Westbury Modern   £23.00      Buy Now 
 Wigston North Junction Heritage   £17.50      Buy Now 
 Worksop Modern   £32.00   NEW!   Buy Now 
 York 1951 Layout Nostalgia   £32.50      Buy Now 
 York IECC Modern   £31.50      Buy Now 
About Our Software

Key features include:

  • High degree of realism
  • User friendly interface
  • Operator performance measurement
  • Mouse or keyboard operation
  • Full signalling
  • Realistic train behaviour
  • Many options
    • variable speed/skill level
    • audible warnings
    • late running
    • traction failures
    • user configurable
  • Timetable editor included
  • Motive power database
  • Comprehensive Help
  • Extensively tested

See: Summary of software functionality

PC-Rail software is for use with Windows XP or later, up to and including Windows 10.

All the simulations are available for free download. You have unlimited free use of the software, but the length of each operating session is restricted.

Any simulation can be converted into a fully registered, unrestricted, copy by means of a registration code, which we will email to you on receipt of your payment.

Software is available only by download.

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