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Reviews and Users' Comments

You can read here what others think of the PC-Rail software range, both press reviews and comments from individual users. Also included here is an interesting list of organisations that use PC-Rail.

We value the views of our users and many new and improved features have been introduced in response to suggestions received.

Users' comments

Many very positive comments have been received, including:-

  • "These simulations are top notch I have quite a few. I especially like the heritage series with semaphore signals but the others are excellent too."
  • "May I first say how excellent your simulations are! I have tried most ... and believe me they are all very realistic and representative of most locations I have worked as a signalman."
  • "PC-Rail are pretty much the best and certainly the most comprehensive signalling sims that I have come across ... I have friends who have no particular interest in railways who have been quite fascinated by PC-Rail when they have seen the sims on my computer and I hope they have been prompted to try them out. "
  • "Many thanks for your hard work in producing such excellent programs which are well worth every penny spent on them. The entertainment value is almost as good as their educational value."
  • "As a signal engineer of some years experience, I must say I'm most impressed by your simulations."
  • "The software design is excellent, extremely challenging and a must for anyone who likes multi-tasking - or being in several places at the same time!"
  • "All in all, I rate this simulation the best of the lot ..... more
  • "I have had endless enjoyment from these simulations especially since I retired from New Zealand railways after 50 years; 20 of which were spent on Train Control and timetable/train scheduling duties. They certainly keep me on my toes!!"
  • "an excellent product"
  • "congratulations on producing such fascinating software"
  • "a most interesting and well written simulation"
  • "challenging"
  • "I've tried several other UK rail signalling simulations, but your products are the best!"
  • "very enjoyable"
  • "As a Shift Manager in the large signalling centre at ... and having dealt with all types of signalling installations during my career I must say that I find your simulation very realistic."
  • "addictive!"
  • "They provide endless interest and are by far the best railway simulations that I have tried."
  • "I have to say that your products are absolutely superb. I am a railwayman myself and I believe your simulations capture the unique feel of the operating side very well."
  • "In June I bought a copy of 'York' for my husband and I have to say that he thinks it is the best computer program he has ever come across. He has not been particularly good company since he received the disc and it beats me why I am buying another for him!"
  • "As an ex railwayman I have to say that this is a fantastic simulation - just like the real thing. Also your back up support has been first class. Well done and thanks again."
  • "Received Brighton simulator on Wednesday. May I add this is the best rail simulation I've ever played. So much realism. I work at Barnham station for the railway. Well done."
  • "A marvelous piece of software, its like having the biggest train set in the country in front of you."
  • "I have found it very realistic. Having trained on the IECC simulator at Webb House Crewe for BR and operated the real thing at Newcastle, there's not much difference from the real thing."
  • "Lewisham is pretty heavy going (and utterly compulsive), I can't speak too highly of the realism of it. Well done."
  • "In my view, the main thing which puts PC-Rail ahead of the competition is the Quality of the overall product."
  • "You have probably received very little praise for the most important part of PC-Rail - the train dynamics. I love the way the driver of an up train will ease off approaching Woodgate Crossing on sighting the distant at caution (before Woodgate sends 'train entering section') and then accelerate when it's cleared."
  • "You are a shining example of what customer service and responsiveness could be like, thanks so much for your diligence. Oh yes, a really wonderful product too."
  • "I love your software and think it is the best on the market, the prices are quite expensive but for what you get its worth it. I came across another simulation similar to yours in a few ways but really dull and hard to grasp. They give it out for free but has really poor graphics and you don't get a good enough feel to being in control."

Press reviews


"Jolly good fun. Highly recommended."


"... attractive for professional use. So realistic that Strathclyde PTE has a site licence for PC-Rail software." (State of the Art: Simulation)


"The graphics on a colour monitor are superb"

"The quality of these simulations is by far the best received for review".


Full-page review by Roger Ford, Industry and Technology Editor.

"I rate PC Rail as a five-star simulation, which combines a mental challenge with an excellent grounding in the principles of signalling."


"To recreate the feeling of real railway operating on a computer is not easy, but this software achieves a high degree of realism. It puts the operator in the signalbox and keeps him very much on his toes.

"Although stimulating and addictive, this should not be regarded as a game. Trains must be signalled and routed correctly and the user's performance is measured and reported! This is linked also to sophisticated signal and route interlocking.

"A good User Manual is included as a text file on the Disk supplied, including simple instructions for installation."


"This is by far the best signalling and control simulator seen to date, except for the real thing. The product takes the operator through the full signalling and control functions of a busy four-track station with junctions between all lines.

"When the program is loaded the operator is faced with a very realistic signalling display. All points and signals are operational and actually change colour or route on the display.

"This computer simulator can give hours of pleasure, as well as provide a good background to signalling and control operations. A very good package and well worth the price."


"Using these simulations is a sheer pleasure ... I can most certainly recommend this software range for providing absorbing experiences of signalling and education about train running practices on British Rail and overseas."

PC-Rail Users

Users of PC-Rail cover a wide spectrum in terms of background, age group and previous experience of railway operating and the use of computers.

A significant number of users, and many of the most enthusiastic ones, are actively involved in the running of 'real' railways. The list is extensive and continually growing, but includes:-

  • British Rail
  • New South Wales State Rail Authority
  • European Passenger Services
  • London Underground
  • Strathclyde PTA
  • Docklands Light Railway
  • Kowloon-Canton Railway.

Many preserved railways are also represented, including:-

  • Severn Valley Railway
  • Ffestiniog Railway
  • Great Central Railway
  • West Somerset Railway
  • Midland Railway Centre
  • Birmingham Railway Museum.

PC-Rail is also in regular use in a number of high schools and colleges.

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