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Welcome to the PC-Rail Website!

The home of PC-Rail's high quality railway signalling and operating simulations.

Rugby Signalling Centre, location of one of our Modern simulations.

Blisworth, location of one of our Heritage simulations.

Your feedback

"PC-Rail are pretty much the best and certainly the most comprehensive signalling sims that I have come across ... I have friends who have no particular interest in railways who have been quite fascinated by PC-Rail when they have seen the sims on my computer and I hope they have been prompted to try them out."

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Latest News
New! - Ashford (Kent)

On the South Eastern main line between London and Dover, Ashford has been a major railway centre for over 170 years and is the junction between 5 routes with frequent services.

The simulation is based on the layout before Eurostar - the timetable is for 1984, with 401 trains, including a lot of ECS movements to and from the depot and also some freight traffic.  ...  more

Other Recent Releases
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Lots of user support information, including FAQ, is available on our Support pages.

The new PC-Rail User Group provides a forum to exchange information, ask questions and get advice from fellow PC-Rail users. Membership is free.


A large range of alternative timetables is available for purchase from the PC-Rail Services website.

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