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PC-Rail Simulations - Development

This website aims to support the continuing development of PC-Rail software, providing information and guidance to those who wish to be involved in the development of new simulations. The design of our simulation software is "data driven", with the intention that any simulation can be specified by an appropriate set of data files, without additional programming work being required.

The documentation published here should be sufficiently comprehensive to enable the developer to complete the data for a simulation. We have tried to make the information as intelligible as possible, but a good understanding of database design is required. An understanding of the principles of modern British railway signalling is also assumed.

We have also developed a set of basic software tools to assist prospective developers. These have been incorporated into the Data Builder software, which is available free of charge from this site. However, the documentation will allow the developer to generate the required data using his own preferred methods.

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You are free to use this documentation and the Data Builder software subject to our Conditions of Use.