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Summary of Software Functionality

PC-Rail simulation software provides detailed and realistic modelling of railway operations, accurately representing the running of trains on the corresponding real network, especially in areas of significant operational complexity.

The software is based on a general data model of railway networks and their operation, defining three main groups of data:

  • Network and signalling
  • Timetable and trains
  • Dynamics, describing the interactions between the other entities

Within the software, the following major functions are implemented:-

  • Train running logic
  • Movement of trains is regulated according to the signal routes which are set, together with the data held for permitted speeds of trains and track sections, scheduled station stops, etc.

  •  Interlocking logic
  • This represents the logic incorporated within the signalling system which is in use at the simulated location and ensures realistic operation.

  • Signalling control
  • The same facilities as in the real signalling control centre are provided for the manual setting of signal routes in order to control the running of trains. Automatic and semi-automatic signals are also provided in accordance with the prototype.

  • Timekeeping measurement
  • The software monitors and reports performance in terms of timekeeping and correct routing for each train and overall.

  • Visualisation
  • The track diagram display is largely in accordance with current practice in a British IECC. The display is continuously updated to provide full visualisation of train operations, including the current state of each section of track.

Provision is made for alternative timetables to be run. A timetable editor is also included to allow timetables to be edited and created for use with the simulation.

Simulations can be run at normal speed and at a range of speeds slower or faster than real time. Late running of trains can be simulated with delays occurring randomly within the parameters selected by the user. The incidence of traction failures is provided for in a similar way, with a number of options being provided to the operator to deal with such events.

John D. Dennis
PC-Rail Software

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