PC-Rail Simulations

Beta Test Version 5.21

** This testing programme has now been completed. Thank you all those who have helped with it. **

Many of our older simulations have been updated to provide the features and improvements included in more recent ones. These are now available in 'beta test' form. This means we have carried out sufficient testing to confirm they operate correctly, but not enough to be 100% confident that they are ready to replace the currently released versions. You are welcome to download and make use of the new versions, especially of your registered simulations.

Your feedback will be very much appreciated so please report any faults to us so that we can rectify them. We will equally appreciate feedback confirming that no faults have been found!

What are the changes compared to the original versions? It is difficult to give these in detail as the new features/changes were introduced progressively as new simulations were released over the years. However, compared to the oldest ones (e.g. Brighton, Crewe PSB, York IECC), the most significant include provision of the 'Shunt to' option, automatic saving at regular intervals, additional menu options (timetable notes, diagnostics, request spare loco), support for more modern motive power (e.g. long multiple units, including bi-mode) and class 9 passenger trains. Other changes will not be particularly noticeable as they were minor improvements or to fix specific bugs.

Installing the new version will replace the one you have but you will not lose your existing registration or any additional timetables you have. Should you wish to revert to the earlier version you will be able to do so by downloading and installing it again.

[1] Older simulations: note that saved sessions from previous versions cannot be opened with the new version. Also colour settings are not carried forward. Certain features, e.g. TRS lights, will not be found in all these older simulations.
[2] Simulations with a single-character code will not overwrite a previous version but will be installed to a different folder. Any installed extension timetables should still be available in the new version.

We may issue updated versions so please check from time to time that you are using the latest one.

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